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Marion O'Reilly December 14, 1999 - "I have been receiving treatments from Katsumi Niikura for a least two years. I am a recovering breast cancer patient. I feel over this time he has helped me tremendously. I had restricted use of my right arm after my surgery. After several treatments the restrictions disappeared. Since I had two bouts with cancer. The first in 1989 and the second in 1996, I feel secure in continuing regular treatments with Katusmi as I feel the treatments help me to remain cancer free. I am very thankful for his gift and the kindness he and his staff extend to me and my family."

Dawn Strother 12/2000 - "I am a 38-year-old female who has been fighting cancer for the past three years. I began seeing Katsumi Niikura in July 2000. At that time I had been diagnosed with advanced breast cancer and metastasis. I had undergone several surgeries, numerous chemotherapthy regimes, and two bone marrow trasnplants for recurrent chest wall CA with lymph node involvement. I have seen Sensei on an ongoing basis three times each week since. During this time, I underwent additional surgery for CA to the pericardium. Sensei has increased his time and effort with additional students to help me through this period. I recently received a CAT scan, which showed a stable cancer, and with lymph nodes in certain chest areas returnign to normal size, as well as, small opacities in my lower left lung have disappeared. The pericardium was of normal size with no Ca present. Although I am presently continuing chemotherapy, I am most certain that Sensei has made this mricale happen. I very much appreciate and owe him my life. I am commited to his therapy and time and effort he takes with each and every person."