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Radio Interview with Kiikura Sensei on KI

(This was taken from a radio interview that Sensei Niikura did a few years ago)

Raymond Francis: We are going to be talking about chi today. We have a very special guest (name) from Japan. Katsumi is an expert in what we call "the power of chi" And I talked about going forward in to the past. Now when I was in Egypt addressing the new millennium conference on the first of January one of the things that I told them the future of medicine is going to be about energy and its not going to be about what we have been doing, what we have been doing has failed and it is in a state of chaos hospitals are going bankrupted. Provider groups are going bankrupted doctor's want to get out of the business it has failed folks. And what were doing is were going to be going into a new world based on quantum physics where were going to be using energy well we think about that being the future but actually people have been using energy to heal for thousands of years and Katsumi good morning.

Katsumi Niikura: Hai ohaiyo gozaimasu

Raymond Francis: It's wonderful to have you on the show and also we have Kazumi who is going to be an interpreter for Mr. Niikura. So Mr. Niikura, tell me what is chi?

Sensei Niikura: Ah chi is a Chinese and Japanese is a Ki, Ki is something that all living things have it's an energy that all living things have.

Raymond Francis
: All living things have this energy so could we call this the life force. Ok so all living things have this energy even a dandelion plant? Even a dandelion plant Even a dandelion has chi.

Sensei Niikura: yes

Raymond Francis: And humans have chi so we all have this energy this life force How long have people been using chi to accomplish things. In other words how long have we known that this force is there? And have used it

Sensei Niikura: in china it has over a 3000-year history

Raymond Francis: Over 3000 yrs people have been using this but we don't use it here in the western world. Why is that? Why do you suppose that here is something that is thousands of years old that has been totally neglected by western science and western world.

Sensei Niikura: The major thing that is something that cannot be seen its invisible

Raymond Francis: Ok so it's not something that western science has known how to measure. And so because we couldn't measure it we said its not there its not important.

Sensei Niikura: Yes that's true in my case I can actually use it to lift people into the air without using my hands or my feet or my legs and even if people try to measure that scientifically because this is not science nothing will come up in terms of measurement and perhaps they could take two measurements low electric fields or uh perhaps some different frequencies but those are not the only things that enable a person to be lifted into the air

Raymond Francis: right well you know I think you say its not something that we can measure but I think it will be I think we are going to learn how to measure these things. Now that we know that they are there we will find a way to measure things. I think that that's going to come. You say that you can lift people up into the air without touching them. That sounds like its Crazy, you know that just sounds nutty. But the thing is I have seen you do it. I've been there, I've watched it, I've seen you do it, and I know it can be done. And I know it can be don't and that's an incredible demonstration of the power of chi to be able to lift somebody into the air without even touching them that is wonderful. You say everybody has this can everybody learn to use this?

Sensei Niikura: 99% yes

Raymond Francis: 99% can learn how to use this. So all we have to do is learn how to apply ourselves. What do people use chi for you say people in china have used it for over 3000 years what do they use it for?

Sensei Niikura: In my case I use my Ki to heal others to help people to heal. I especially use my Ki to as cancer treatment. I know others who come to me who use it for their music, or their art or for uh computer work. Anything that they do for a living they use Ki for that.

Raymond Francis: Well how would you use chi for art say your painting something how would you use chi for that?

Sensei Niikura: For example an artist will be able to create energy, and using that energy they will be able to draw something that they may not otherwise be able to so they will be able to draw something that's beyond their capability and especially also if you are a singer or a performer you can using energy you can enhance your voice so that your voice reaches all the way to the furthest audience in the back. The most important thing to remember is that energy is being created together in harmony with the universe so this is something that will do anyone any harm so that is an important thing to remember.

Raymond Francis: Yes well unlike modern medicine we are giving people drugs that we know are harmful here is chi that we know is not harmful. Is it possible that some of the great artists of our time such as the Michelangelo, the Leonardo Divinchi's and the Beethoven's and Mozart's were using chi and not realizing it.

Sensei Niikura: Its possible but at that time the word Ki or chi did not exist. So without knowing what it was they could have been using it. In Japan as well Ki or energy has been used for martial artist. In Japan martial artists such as Haidei Yoshi, Tecka Tsugi and or Ken Shing have used this energy.

Raymond Francis: I again had personally had personal experience because you invited me to Chi-gong conference here in san Francisco a few months ago and I went there and I could see the martial arts where people would try to attack Mr. Niikura and he would use his chi and they would just bounce off of him, and good lord I thought they were some of them looked like they got really hurt cause they were flying through the air and landing the ground rather hard. But that's the power of chi. Mr. Niikura can you use chi long distance I mean I've seen you use it with people right in front of you but can you use this long distance to do healing, like say can you heal somebody on Tokyo from here?

Sensei Niikura: yes that is possible and I work on about 40 patients a day over the phone and all of these patients are in Tokyo.

Raymond Francis: WOW! I guess that answers the question it can be used long distance. Isn't that amazing that this life force this life energy I guess that permeates the universe is something that each and every one of us.

Raymond Francis: Were back here with our special guest Katsumi Niikura who is an expert in the power of chi this is the universal life force that permeates the universe and he teaches people how to use this life force for their own good purposes. Mr. Niikura I know that you have had a lot of experiences in healing people with this life force but I remember a story you told me how you got into to using chi and it was a very touching story with your own daughter who came down with cancer, could you tell us a little about that?

Sensei Niikura: It's been 44 years since I started studying KI. And in the past in Japan there have been 2 other that were able to throw people without using their hands. And these were Mr Mifunein judo Ohayshima in aikido. And I wanted to be like these teachers and so I started starting to be a ninja when I was twelve. But my daughter developed a brain tumor when she was 7 years old and since that point and time I decided I would use my Ki energy to heal others that for martial arts. And with my daughter I felt yes western medicine did help her 99% but I really feel that the remaining 1 % is where the Ki really helped and since then I have really wanted to use this ki energy to help save lives. And its been about 25 years since then so I have been healing for about 25 years and teaching as well. And been doing a lot of treatment in the U.S.

Raymond Francis: Well you've actually had I remember another story you told you me about a person with a polio thing. Could you tell us about that?

Sensei Niikura: There are actually two children who have polio and one is a little boy who could not walk at all 15 months ago. On his 306th try he was finally able to walk 3 steps and that was on January 3rd this year and currently he is able to walk over 430 steps.

Raymond Francis: WOW!! And that's the result of using Ki energy to help this person to walk again.

Sensei Niikura: And its not enough just to build these children's muscles for them to be able to walk you actually need to be able to pull out their energy to allow them to walk. And we usually spend about 1 hour on each patient and there is two of us working on one patient so the western doctors compared to this probably have more limited time and their not able to stay with their patients as long.

Raymond Francis: Well a western doctor only spends a few minutes with their patients and they don't know how to do this anyway so it doesn't matter.

Sensei Niikura: So from now on I think it would be very helpful if these patients' parents maybe their mom or their dad would come and work with me so that they can help their children and so they can use energy that's best fit for their children.

Raymond Francis: That's wonderful, because were empowering people because the parents can learn how to use this energy how to treat their own children with this energy and that's just wonderful.

Sensei Niikura: And I know the doctors have the time limit and its just not possible to spend the an hour or 2 hours with all of their patients each day but that's not the case with the parents these parents can spend as much time as they want with these children so if these parents were to work with their children in this fashion then I am sure there would be many more children who would be able to walk in the U.S.

Raymond Francis: That's really marvelous, here again we empowering people where health is a choice and its something the individual really has power over and what we've done in the western world is given up our power to the doctor and the doctor didn't know how to do it either and so the result was the blind leading the blind and nothing was happening except people were getting poisoned with prescription drugs and getting cut up into little with pieces with surgery and getting exposed to radiation other than that nothing was happening.

Raymond Francis: Were back again here with Katsumi Niikura who is one the worlds experts in the use of chi the all providing life force permeates the universe and he teaches people how to use this energy to heal themselves and others. Mr. Niikura I know that you have a lot of success with cancer and could you tell us something about what you have done with cancer?

Sensei Niikura: I've actually worked with many cancer patients since I have been in the U.S. but there are 2 that especially remember, one is a 1 1/2 yr old boy who had cancer in one eye and had to have it removed. Then they found in his remaining eye 6 cancers after that his mother called me about 9 days before the second surgery where he was to have his remaining eye removed. And in the 9 days that I worked on him since then all of his cancers have actually disappeared. And it's been 3 years since that and he is still fine and still has that remaining eye and did not have to have that second eye removed. But because there is no proof that it was the Ki energy that helped the doctors have not really credited the Ki energy for his being healed.

Raymond Francis: Well they never do, if they don't understand it, it simply doesn't exist and if they don't understand it they call it quackery but the problem is their ignorance and they have been educated to have a very few limited tools and they simply don't understand these things. But that's where medicine is going for the future this is the way were going to be treating all diseases in the future is with energy using energetic forms or treatment rather than the chemical forms that we have been using but our lines are open here in California and if you would like to give us a call. Could you tell us of another success with cancer Mr. Niikura?

Sensei Niikura: Now the other case was about a polish girl who was 14 years old and was told that she had a 5 to 6 centimeter tumor in her brain. And so she went to see a Polish doctor and a German doctor and they both could not help her. And then after that she came to see an American doctor and at that point they told her that it was too late and that she would have 6 months to live. And by the time she came to me I thought that she might now even have 6 months to live however I also knew that the type of cancer she had had. Was the same as my daughters so I felt very confident I would be able to help this girl. And in 6 months her cancer was actually gone. And I know that our Ki cannot help cure every type or form of cancer mainly in brain tumors and in breast cancer.

Raymond Francis: why do you think that, that it doesn't work for all cancers?

Sensei Niikura: I think its because it is easier to contain the energy in the brain or in the breast with other organs like the liver or the kidney the energy seems to escape.

Raymond Francis: I see. Well maybe some day we'll learn how to keep it from escaping. We have a call right now, from Susan.

Susan: Good morning, my question is concerning hepatitis. My son in law has been diagnosed with Hepatitis C and apparently it deteriorates the liver and I just have that question of are there any thoughts about or observations about hepatitis and also how can one contact Mr. Niikura.

Raymond Francis: Mr. Niikura gives classes that teach how to do this kind of thing and here is the (dojo Number). But the question on the table is?

Sensei Niikura: Well of course I cannot name any names but I have worked with patients who have had both hepatitis C and hepatitis B, though I have worked with people like that before.

Raymond Francis: And have you been able to have some success with them?

Sensei Niikura: Yes

Raymond Francis: So you can do that, well there is your answer, you can use this universal energy to help hepatitis you know if you want my spin on it there are also biochemical things that you need to do to support the liver that again modern medicine doesn't do and doesn't suggest to you but there's a lot of things, taking good vitamins, taking a lot of vitamins C taking alphalipolitic acid, taking essential fatty acids, all of these things are helpful in supporting the liver. And as to whether or not hepatitis c exists, I gotta tell you that there's a possibility that it doesn't even exist. Because again it's caused by a so caused virus that we've never been able to isolate or look at and the tests and testing for hepatitis c are spurious, just absolutely off the wall, if you look at them, probably so. No question somebody with so called hepatitis c has a problem and they have a problem with their liver but whether its being caused by a virus is not as problematical and it is certainly possible to treat hepatitis c very successfully with alternative means. So I hope that answers your question. Well here we are dealing with you know as I say were going forward into the past. Because this is the future and it has been used for thousands of years and I think modern science now that's its paying attention to this I think we are going to find ways measure this. Were going to find ways to know what it is. I know these energies are very subtle and we haven't been able to measure them with the instruments that we have developed so far. But I think science will measure them, then there they are real. And were going to measure them someday, and someday we are going to be able to use them electronically to cure disease. I think that's coming. So pretty wonderful, but I in any event Mr. Niikura I think that its been pretty wonderful having you here with us today and you offered healing energy to our audience here today, and could you do that.

Sensei Niikura: the energy that I work with is combined with sound; the breathing technique that I the shhhhh sound that I just made was combined with energy that I sound. And until now they said it is not possible.

Raymond Francis: Ok they said it wasn't possible but we know it is possible but you folks out there if you have a medical problem of some kind, what you want to do is put your hand where you want the healing and Katsumi Niikura is going to send this universal life force this chi energy over the air waves and give you one of his healings and put your hand where you want the healing and feel love for that part of your body.

Sensei Niikura: So that's how I do it.

Raymond Francis: Wonderful, Wonderful.

Raymond Francis: We are here with Katsumi Niikura one of the worlds experts in the power of chi. Now lets talk to Harry from San Francisco who has question for Mr. Niikura.

Harry: My question is how could he spend the amount of energy-required say to treat everybody. I have not worked in 8-9 years I do not have a life threatening disease I have chronic fatigue and 2 other diagnoses. How is it possible securely tie up the help that might be available does he do it on a mass healing basis, through other people, some of it sounds almost so intense that it sounds like it almost needs to be one on one.

Raymond Francis: Well I think let me answer that I have experienced it, I think that yes one on one is definitely is a way that these energies have been used, and Mr. Niikura has explained how he has treated some of these cancer patients and you can also use the Ki energy on your self so you have 2 different routes there.

Harry: How do I do that? The demonstration he is giving today what is the scope and the cost.

Sensei Niikura: the workshop today will be focusing on the basics, so we will be working on treating simple illnesses and the cost is $30 for the 2-hour session. It will be to difficult for someone to try and treat cancer right off the bat in the beginning so we will be starting with the basics and working with more simple illnesses before we get into the cancer part.

Raymond Francis: Now lets talk to Jennifer we have just a moment here and what's your question?

Jennifer: I just wanted to have a visual image on how chi could dissolve a tumor. Like how does that actually happen.

Raymond Francis: Well how does that actually happen given the limited time that we have here let me try and explain that the best I can. Scientifically as best as I can the life force which creates our life and creates our bodies is at a particular vibration and it keeps everything working right and apparently when you have tissue that is no longer vibrating at the correct energy level and is now a disease tissue when you are applying these energies your putting them back into residence again. Your putting the tissues back in to its original state.

Jennifer: ok great thank you!

Raymond Francis: And Mr. Niikura thank you very much for being with us today it's been a great pleasure and honor having you on the show.

Sensei Niikura: Your Welcome.