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To: Sensei Niikura
From: Michele Po
Date: September 25, 2003
Re: Ki

This is to provide written document of my progress to date after being treated with Ki by Sensei five months ago in Michigan.

After traveling to Michigan to see Sensei for one week in May of 2003, and experience his intensive treatements (6 per day), I am happy to report that I am doing very well. My health has improved dramatically. I have been a diabetic for the last ten years with blood sugars that were never under proper control, ranging as high as 200-220 (fasting). I also had bad neurotherapy in my feet and poor circulation in my lower legs, resulting in fatugue and pain.

After being treated by Sensei just 5 months ago and continuing to receive Ki treatments once a week at Jackowitz Oriental Medical Therapy Associates, and doing Ki exercies myself once a day, my blood sugar continues to stay in the normla range. After being as high as 200+, it is now usually before 90 and 110 in the morning (fasting) and between 90 and 120 in the evening before bed. On certain days it has even been as low as 70 in the morning. This is well in the normal range for anyone, let alone a diabetic. My sugar has remained at this level now for about 5 months.

Furthermore, I just had my quarterly diabetic checkup with my primary care physician who ran follow-up lab work for the last few months. My hemoglobin A1C test, which is a long term and more accurate measure of blood glucose, was 6.7. Practically normal, the values for this test run between 6 and 10, with 6 being pretty normal and 10 being dangerously high. Prior to my work with Sensei, my HGB A1C values were usually between 9 and 10. As a result, my western medical doctor was doing cartwheels in response to my fantastic results. She also lowered the amount of insulin that I need to take by 6 units.

Additionally, since being treated by Sensei, the neurotherapy and poor circulaion that I experienced in my feet and lower legs is virually gone. I no longer feel the pain or strange sensitivity in my feet that I have had for a number of years, which is common with diabetics whose sugars are not in good control. I even was able to walk barefoot on the beach this summer in comfort, something I haven't been able to do in 10 years! I also have more energy and can walk for miles without fatigue.

Thank you so much Sensei for you Ki treatments and your help with my health issues. I have seen a dramatic improvement in my health that has stuck with me. Ki has truly changed my life for the better. You are a true master healer and I have been recommending you and your Ki treatments to everyone that I know. Ki is truly a mircale, and I am living proof of its profound effects.