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Last July I had a hysterectomy. My ovaries and fallopian tubes were removed along with all the other equipment. There was cancer in the ovaries and fallopian tubes - it was removed from those areas.

Three weeks later I had a bone scan and three weeks after that the results were metastatic breast cancer - on the spine, pelvic area, a rib, and possibly a hip. The doctor declared it was probably from the breast cancer 12 years later. At the time I declined radiation and chemo in favor of alternative therapies such as macrobiotic diet, acupuncture, meditation, visualization and supplements. I felt the same about it this time.

In August, at the advice of Sensei Niikura, my husband and I journeyed to Columbus, Ohio and met with Dr. Koizumi. Using the O-ring procedure, she confirmed the doctors' diagnosis. As you can see by the pictures, a large portion of my back was involved and also a large area of my abdomen including the pelvic area and hip and rib.

After almost three months of Ki treatment by Sensei, two of those months going twice a day and also drinking Ki water prepared by Sensei, and attending all the Ki classes I could, my husband and I returned to Ohio, and Dr. Koizumi, whereby she retested the areas affected and found them greatly reduced and the cancer being decimated by the Ki energy, as you can see by pictures taken November 24, 2002.

I truly believe that Ki energy is the answer to very many of mankind's diseases and disabilities. It has made a huge difference in both my physical and mental health, but not just for me but my family, too. We will always be indebted to Sensei Niikura and his unending quest and selfless devotion for the best health and love for all people and for his use of this dynamic energy.